Are you mesmerized?

Are you amazed when you see a this Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet arc in the sky? But what is this thing?

You know what? It is a RAINBOW.

This multi-colored arc knows how to mesmerize you.

But for me, it makes me feel calm and at peace. I love seeing it. I want to touch it.

Sadly, it is far from us. We can’t touch it because it is just an illusion because of the sunlight facing rain droplets.

According to the Bible, our Lord God put the first ever rainbow in the sky to promised that He would never destroy the Earth with a flood again. Amazing right?

Does rainbow ends? The answer is no. You can’t locate the end of the rainbow.

But don’t worry. You can see more rainbows if you are in a tropical country like Philippines.

Are you ready to be mesmerized again?

-Geraldine Duran